Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My egg project on github now has 33 watchers! I've never expected my little emacs package would interest other peoples.

I'm still wondering what's the easiest way to write an user-manual for egg. Egg is very UI oriented and an Egg user-manual would need image to correctly describe the UI. That basically rules out texinfo.

I'm trying to upgrade to the latest git (1.6.1). Anyone has a git-core deb built for gutsy? I know gutsy is very old, but I don't have a choice. I'm using a commercial tunnel application to connect to work and it's very unstable on later kernel versions.


  1. You could always start from the Magit manual :-)

    Hey, what is the status of egg with respect to magit? led me to believe that egg was a pure improvement over magit. While I've been using egg and liking it (pretty fonts!) I don't find a manual for it, and it seems Magit has some important capabilities that are not in Egg, like the ability to stage/unstage a region of hunks. I'm just learning Git now and I don't want to be headed down any blind alleys.


  2. @boostpro:


    Egg only borrows some ideas from magit. The Egg code was written from scratch.

    AFAIK, Egg has more features (using ediff3 for merge resolution, dwim next-action, etc.) than Magit in some areas and fewer in others (cherry-pick). That's partly due to the design philosophy of Egg. I want Egg to serve the same purpose as git-aliases and NOT be another git porcelain.

    This difference in philosophy can be seen with rebase-interactive. Magit reimplemented git-rebase-interactive in elisp as magit-rewrite while Egg drives the git's builtin rebase-interactive.

    As for "staging/unstaging" a region of hunks, it'd be trivial to add in Egg but, IMHO, it's not as important as other missing features in Egg (cherry-pick, stash-delete, etc.) and the elusive user-manual. The incomplete work is at:

    I chose wiki over texinfo because I believe the Egg Manual would need a lot of illustrations and that would be very difficult with texinfo.

    Btw, I'm also working on a introduction to Egg (in blog format.)