Monday, August 27, 2012

Working on Egg... again

In 2009, my job changed and I had to work on a windoze box and use ClearCase as a vcs. It was really bad... Now I'm back on Linux at work. Unfortunately, the vcs used by the company is SVN. SVN sux, but git-svn makes it sux less. That also means, that locally I can use git and.. egg again. So I'm back working on egg in my free time. gitdir support should be avail in my repo. Be warned... I've made some nasty changes, the key-biding for some commands in the log-buffer changed:
  • "D" will download the ref under the cursor from remote site. If the ref was a local ref, it will be updated by HEAD.
  • "d" will update HEAD with the ref at the cursor.
The reason for the change is I usually want to push a ref to HEAD but git doesn't let you push to a checked-out branch. I'm also reworking the reset commands. My view is "--soft" and "--mixed" are too confusing and dangerous.  The default should be "--keep" the next alternative should be "--hard".

Caveat utilitor.


  1. hello,
    thanks for developing egg -- i prefer it to magit. Unfortunately, it breaks with Emacs 24.3 (e.g. trying to stage a hunk gives Wrong type argument: integer-or-marker-p, nil). If possible, could you update egg for the current emacs? Many thanks!